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Three Tips to Get Media Coverage for Your Business or Product

Getting media coverage is something most businesses would love to get. And why wouldn’t a business owner want it — good coverage in a local or niche publication can really give you great exposure to new and current audiences and can possibly even bring more business in the door. However, there is a science to getting media coverage and let’s break it down below.

Make sure your news is actually NEWSWORTHY!

This is the most important point of this entire blog. If you don’t keep scrolling, this is the one thing you need to know. Do not write a press release or pitch a reporter unless your news is actually something worthy of publishing at that moment in time.
Newsworthy Example: Launching a new product or adding to your team are definitely pieces of newsworthy information. But, the key is understanding whether it warrants a press release or a pitch.I will break down the difference between a press release and a pitch coming up in the blog soon.
Non-newsworthy Example: Sending your team to a conference to exhibit. If you aren’t unveiling a new product or brand at the conference – then it’s not newsworthy.

Do Your Research

Look at the staff page of the media outlet you plan to send your press release or pitch. Determine which reporter/s or editors would be best to receive it — in other words, which reporter would be most likely to find it interesting and/or which ones would consider it within the scope of their work (ie: Don’t send information about your engineering firm to the food reporter.). The worst thing you can do is to send to the wrong person, which in turn will likely have it get immediately deleted.

Follow Up

Once you determine which avenue to go down, FOLLOW-UP is key! You can’t just distribute your release or send your pitch out without following up with the outlet. Don’t be a pest (and don’t call seconds after hitting “send” on your email), but you need to make sure they received your pitch.

If you do end up getting that media hit that involves a reporter asking your questions. The next step for you is to revisit those talking points that you crafted in your pitch. And celebrate the win!

Getting the steps above right isn’t easy—and, honestly, it isn’t for everyone. And there’s where my team with NPatel Communications comes in. We can work closely with you to craft your media pitch or press release, make sure it’s going to the right people and publications, follow up for you, and do all the behind-the-scenes work to make news happen for your business.

Interested in seeing how we can support you? Give me (Nisha) a call at 864-384-2403 or send me an email at nisha@npatelcommunications.com. I’d love to chat with you.